What is likeplum?

likeplum is a reliable, easy to use online marketplace for questions and tasks. We have satisfied users all over the world who actively contribute to our platform.


likeplum Why does likeplum exist?

Here at likeplum, we recognize that the world is full of people ready to offer vast knowledge and skills. While the internet has made these resources more accessible, we believe there needs to be an incentive for people to provide quality services. Our simple payment based platform ensures a level of trust and authenticity to the information and work you receive. You can be confident with the answers and work your receive for you questions and tasks.

likeplum How does it work?

likeplum's simple incentive based marketplace helps you get quality answers and work to your questions and tasks.

Questions: You ask a question and choose an amount of money (Pledge) you are willing to pay for a satisfactory answer. Your question is then displayed to people around the world who want to help you and will compete with each other to provide you with the best answer. You decide which answer is most satisfactory and award the Pledge to that answer's owner. If no answer suits your needs, you may also choose to withdraw your questions. Why should I pay for answer?

Tasks: You post a task and enter a range of money (pledge range) you would pay for completed work. likeplum geniuses (experts) then bid on your task and offer a price and time they need to complete you task. Look at geniueses profiles taking into consideration their reputation, reviews, credentials, and portfolio's. Find your favorite geniues and select them to do you task. Only pay once the genius has provided completed work which you are satisfied with. If you are not satisfied with the work, you do not have to pay, you can withdraw your task.

likeplum What types of questions & tasks can I post?

At likeplum, we believe there are no bad questions or tasks. Anything goes! With access to knowledge from around the world, you can ask questions about anything, and receive answers you wouldn't find locally. With our vast network of skilled experts, you'll be able to find help for all your tasks. likeplum geniuses are here to help you with anything you can think of.

Example questions and pledge values

  • Help with some math problems, pledge $1.
  • Need help finding movie online, pledge $0.50.
  • Build a website for my store, pledge 200$.
  • Need help with some javascript code, pledge $5.
  • Design a logo for my company, pledge $40.

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